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Chapter 23 Digestive System

Chapter 23:  Digestive System


Test Concepts and Key Objectives
1.  Organs of digestive system; include accessory organs / glands

2.  Pathway of food moving through the digestive tract and action on food in various organs

3.  Role of the digestive system:  Mechanical vs. chemical digestion


Writing Prompt / Short Answer: 

1.  Describe the function of the organs of the digestive system as you follow the pathway that food takes as it enters the mouth and leaves via the anus.  Include whether mechanical or chemical digestion is occurring in the various organs of the digestive system and include which organic compounds are being acted upon.  Also, include any accessory organs that aid in the digestive process. 




1.  Digestive system organs



Partial Notes and Key Vocabulary Chapter Digestive System


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