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Chapter 15-16 Evolutionary Theory

Chapter:  Evolutionary Theory

Test Concepts and Key Objectives

1.  Darwin's theory of evolution

2.  Survival of the fittest/Fitness/Natural selection/Adaptations

3.  Evidence that supports the theory of evolution (biochemical, embryonic, geographic, structural)

4.  Recognize different patterns of evolution and natural selection

5.  Hardy-Weinberg genetic equilibrium principle

6.  Factors that disrupt genetic equilibrium

7.  Three main sources of genetic variation

8.  Process of speciation


Short Answer/Writing Prompt

1.  Compute the allele frequencies in a given population using the Hardy-Weinberg principle.

2.  Briefly discuss four types of evidence that is used to support the theory of evolution.

3.  What are the factors that affect speciation, the formation of new species.  Briefly describe each factor.  Describe how the finch species of the Galapagos Islands illustrate speciation and descent with modification.

4.  Briefly relate the following terms:  natural selection, fitness, survival of the fittest, and adaptations



Chapter Partial Notes and Key Vocabulary Evolutionary Theory


Homework Problems Chapter Review

Chapter Review Reference

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