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The Four Seasons

A WebQuest for Kindergarten (Science)

Kim Keachie





Dear Kindergartners,

Hi my name is Quacky.  I am from the planet Duckville. I want to visit planet Earth and learn more about the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall) .  Can you please help me dress for the different seasons that you have on Earth and learn about more them?  

Your friend,





Your job is to help Quacky learn more about the four seasons and help him find clothes that will be worn during each season.  We will divide into groups.  Then we will learn about the four seasons by looking at a video.  Each group will become a different season.  You will  learn about your season.  Then your group will explain about your season and show Quacky how you would dress during that season by dressing a paper doll with the appropriate clothes.  You will need to draw clothes or make them with construction paper.  Label your doll with the kind of clothes.



1.  Watch a video about the seasons

2.  Click on your season below to learn more  information about your season.





How do people dress in Winter? How do people dress in Spring? How do people dress in Summer? How do people dress in Fall?


      3.  Get a paper doll from your teacher.



The teacher will look at your work and cooperation as a group.  We will talk about this chart and score it together.  Look at the chart.


The Four Seasons Okay






Working as a team Your group did not work together as a team. Some students worked together as a team. Everyone in your group worked together as a team.  
Your Paper Doll Your paper doll is not complete.  Your paper doll has some details.  

Your paper doll has many details.






Congratulations!! You helped Quacky learn how to dress for each season by dressing your paper doll.    When you are finished you might want to look at the following links:


Credits & References

This was created at a Differentiating Instruction Using WebQuests workshop.  It was based on a template from the Design Patterns page.

The clip art is from Microsoft Clip Art.

The video clips are from United Streaming.

A special thanks to Elaine McKenna and Serena Crisp for all your help in teaching me how to create a Webquest.

We all benefit by being generous with our work. Permission is hereby granted for other educators to copy this WebQuest, update or otherwise modify it, and post it elsewhere provided that the original author's name is retained along with a link back to the original URL of this WebQuest. On the line after the original author's name, you may add Modified by (your name) on (date). If you do modify it, please let me know and provide the new URL.


For more information you can visit The WebQuest Page.


 Teacher Information


This lesson was designed during the WebQuest workshop through the Rockwood School District in the summer of 2004.


This lesson was designed for Kindergartners to do in small groups with the teacher showing each group a different season.  This can be adapted for other grade levels.

It would be helpful to read a few stories about the seasons prior to using this WebQuest.


Curriculum Standards

The students will learn about the four seasons.

The lesson ties into the following Rockwood School District's Core Conceptual Objectives:

  • Seasons can be observed as changes in weather over the course of a year.
  • Seasons/Weather affect how people dress.

This WebQuest will be used towards the beginning of the unit on seasons. 


Literature Connections

The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons

The Reason for Seasons by Gail Gibbons

Any book about the seasons