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Word Study Patterns

Word Study Patterns

Below you will find the weekly word study pattern/skill we are working on in class. 

Lesson 1: short vowels

Lesson 2: -ed, -ing endings

Lesson 3: long a, e, o diagraphs (ee, ay, oa, ai, ea, ow)

Lesson 4: plurals (es, ies)

Lesson 5: review

Lesson 6: compound words

Lesson 7: ch, tch, sh, wh

Lesson 8: ou, ow, oi, oy

Lesson 9: str, scr, spr

Lesson 10: review

Lesson 11: -le ending

Lesson 12: kn, gn, wr, gh

Lesson 13: soft g and c

Lesson 14: v/cv and vc/v

Lesson 15: review

Lesson 16: or, ore, our, oar, ar

Lesson 17: /ur/ sound (er, ir, ur, war, ear, ar)

Lesson 18: -er, -est, -ly, -ful

Lesson 19: un-, re-, dis-

Lesson 20: review

Lesson 21:

Lesson 22: /o/ sound (au, aw, ough, augh)

Lesson 23: pre-, mis-, in-

Lesson 24: schwa sound

Lesson 25: review

Lesson 26:-tion, -sion

Lesson 27: more than one syllable

Lesson 28: -able, -ible, -less, -ous

Lesson 29:

Lesson 30: review