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Classroom Policy

Important Information


Take Home Folder

· It comes home each day.

· Inside will be notes from me, completed assignments & weekly homework.

· Please clean it out each night and return it the next day.

· Any notes you have for me or for the office should be put inside.



· We LOVE to celebrate them!

· Non-food treats (pencils, stickers, etc.) are only allowed but  not required.

· “Summer babies” deserve a school birthday, too, so feel free to pick a special day for us to celebrate and let me know!

· Currently, we have 22 students.


Oh No! Homework!

· Soon, you’ll receive a note to explain the homework packet. 

· Second graders should spend 20 minutes per night on homework.

· If they finish earlier, they can read for the remaining minutes.

· Please sign and return the packets on Friday.



· Anytime your child’s dismissal procedure will change, please send me a note. 

· Substitute teachers CANNOT access my e.mail, so please don’t e.mail changes.  If your child has already left for school, please call the office and they’ll let me know! 2nd graders and their teachers tend to worry!

Book Orders

· Scholastic book orders come home occasionally.

· Book orders will be done online this year.

· Directions will come home with the first order.

How to Reach Me

If you have any questions, need to “get a story straight”, or let me know something I should be aware of, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can  write a note or my e.mail is...

Phone ~ 636.733.4175 ext. 40107

 Please allow 24 hours since I am  with the kiddos the majority of the day and some days are crazy! :)


· A parent questionnaire is attached.  You’ve known your child for 7 or 8 years longer than I have, and so you are one of my strongest resources!

· Please return as soon as possible.


· Please send a snack to school everyday as we have the earliest lunch!

· No drinks please unless they are water bottles.  Our carpet thanks you! :)