Teacher Information 

Introduction: This lesson was developed as part of the Rockwood Ritts Program. (June 2009).  The goal of this WebQuest is to help students develop an understanding of Native American culture and lifestyles long ago.  Students should be able to identify the resources, culture, art, and daily life of a variety of Plains and Eastern Woodland tribes.

Learners: This WebQuest was designed for second graders.  It may take 3-5 days to complete.  Young readers may benefit from a parent volunteer or classroom assistant to help read some of the text.  Students should know how to use a mouse, how to click on links, how to scroll on  a computer screen, and how to exit out of a screen.  Keep in mind when setting up your small groups of three or four, it would be helpful if the group was made up of mixed abilities for reading and technology.  The teacher may assign each group's tribe or the group may choose to research one of six tribes they want to learn more about.  It would be best if each group researched a different tribe.


CCOII-The student will compare events, symbols, and people from early American history. 

Rockwood Core Curriculum Objectives     

SS3 1.9 Compare and contrast the habitats, resources, art, and daily lives of Native American peoples, Woodland, and Plains Indians.

Missouri State Standards